5 Pcs/Set Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

5 Pcs/Set Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

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These eggs are so awesome! Not only are they a cool color, but they hatch in water, and then the hatched dinosaurs grow. Wow!!!.Your kids will remember this experience for long long time.

  • Fill a glass or bowl with water.
  • Put a Dinosaur Egg inside.
  • The egg will slowly start hatching and the dinosaur will continue to grow once it's outside the shell, until it's fully grown and can stand up.
  • The whole process takes about 2 full days!

Gender: Unisex
Age Range: > 3 years old
Dimensions: 3*2 cm
Model Number: Baby
Theme: Animals
Battery: NO
Animals: Dinosaurs
Mfg Series Number: Toy
Plastic Type: PC
Warning: Don't eat
Material: Plastic


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