Anti Drowning Bracelet

Anti Drowning Bracelet

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Anti Drowning Bracelet is a portable water-based rescue equipment. Can be easily worn on the wrist. When you are surfing, swimming, fishing, water frocks and other environmental accidents, Anti-Drowning Bracelet can quickly generate a balloon allowing you to calmly float on the water. This only requires you to pull the trigger wrench this one action.

It is very compact, suitable for wearing on the wrist or arm, will not affect your daily activities, it will not be as bulky as a life jacket.

Here are 5 great reasons you should buy your Anti Drowning Bracelet NOW!

  •  UPGRADED AIRBAG & STRONG BUOYANCY: Airbag is made of TPU and PC, eliminating the potential airbag errors, the inflated airbag can generate great buoyancy that can float adults of up.
  • COMPASS FOR DIRECTIONS: With an integrated & waterproof compass, the anti-drowning bracelet can always lead users to the right direction even in a vast and extensive ocean.
  • UPGRADED TRIGGERING SYSTEM: After you pull the lever, the ultra-sensitive and quick-to-respond reusable airbag gets inflated in just 1 second and helps float you from deep water to surface immediately, saving you from drowning.
  • UNIVERSAL BUCKLE & REINFORCED PIPE: Equipped with a pure copper vent interface with high strength of the ability to withstand pressure, the metal pipe between the airbag and the buckle is strong and durable.
  • PORTABLE & NO OBSTRUCTION: lightweight and portable design, this rescue wristband can be worn on wrist while surfing, sailing or swimming, safeguarding your safety without any obstruction to water sports.

An Innovative Creation that can certainly save your life.


  • Material: PC, PVC silicone
  • Wristband size: 29*8*3.2cm
  • Air bottle: 8.31*1.85cm
  • Package size: 12.2*11.2*9cm
  • Band color: black
  • Air bag color: orange

Package Content:

  • 1 * Anti Drowning Bracelet
  • 4 * Air Bottles (note: each Co2 cylinder can only be used once) 
  • 1 * User Guide

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