Aqua Hydro Rug

Aqua Hydro Rug

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 Get rid of those soggy, smelly, mildewed mats - and get Aqua Hydro Rug now!

Aqua Hydro Rug the carpet for your shower and bath. Place Hydro Rug’s, directly over the drain, the unique anti-microbial poly-fibers allow water to flow right through it and the non-slid backing ensures it stay were you put it.

Aqua Hydro Rug is perfect the bath or shower. Aqua Hydro Rug is mildew and stain resistant. It’s fast drying and never wears out.

  • Provides comfort and safety with a non-slip surface in any shower stall

  • Bath mat made of anti-microbial, midew and stain resistant material

  • Fast-drying, eliminating soggy mats

  • Can be placed directly over drain and never wears out

  • Easy on the feet and lets you scrub them without bending

Add luxurious comfort and important safety to your shower stall with the non-slip Aqua Hydro Rug. Durable, quick-drying material is anti-microbial and resists mildew and stains. Mildew resistant shower stall bath mat has 8 suction cup grippers that keep it in place as water drains right through it.

Scrub your feet without bending since the Hydro Rug also functions as a loofah for your feet. The Aqua Hydro Rug is slip resistant, never wears out, and even dries quickly eliminating soggy mats. Perfect for any size shower stall, the Hydro Rug's textured surface is slip resistant for bath and shower safety. 

Plus due to these positive properties Aqua Hydro Rug stays very clean and does not smell bad or stay soggy like regular bathmats. Another use of Hydro Rug is that it can be placed outside the bathing area as a rug too for drying the feet while walking away from a shower.

Dimension: 29.5" x 17.25"

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